From the initial introduction, our evaluation process is powerful and genuine.

Our 2-step evaluations empower kids. From basic introduction to on-camera call backs, kids learn the power of their voice and presence. We do not accept every child applicant, but if your child is accepted into one of our educational programs, know that all our courses combine acting and personal growth as well as Weekend Workshops with invited industry experts like agents and managers.

Through our weekend workshops, industry experts come in to act a mock audition and see how our actors perform in person, in a one-to-one setting. They give small critiques/ comments on the audition, making the actor grow in skills. The acting children participating in our kids’ acting classes obtain auditioning skills, are enabled to successfully achieve great public speaking, and acquire strong interviewing skills.

Our success stems from the training given from the first evaluation introduction, our courses and through the weekend workshops. As a result of such education, our small actors often get signed and book work in voice-overs, commercials, TV, film and print work.