Other schools may elect to put children through some sort of evaluation process. Ours is genuine.

Should you child not get accepted, we offer a small program consisting of free personal growth sessions. There is no cost, but there will be no participation in our placement program.

If you child is accepted into one of our programs, we offer a very effective placement program.

It will helps introduce our kid actors to potential representation. The agents and managers come in to audition our child actors in person. The acting children participating in our kids acting classes obtain auditioning skills. Kid actors additionally, are enabled to successfully achieve public speaking and acquire strong interviewing skills.

Other institutions offer a placement program, but it may consist in your sending pictures of your child out to LA, which we do not recommend. This is a business of referral, and our kid actors have the opportunity to meet agents in person. They get signed and booked a huge amount of work yearly on TV, commercials, film as well as print work.