The Krekorian Law

Agents/agencies, who obtained an employment license and are franchised with SAG and AFTRA are invited to come in on a weekly basis.

1.  Child Actor LA accepts applications from students up to 18 years of age.

2.  Child Actor LA is certified by the State of California and is exempt from the licensing pertaining to adult talent education.

3.  Child Actor LA observes that our evaluations are not auditions for employment or for obtaining a talent agent or talent management. (Labor Code #1703.1 (b).

Talent agents, who obtained an employment license and are franchised with SAG and AFTRA, are invited to come on a weekly basis.  We are the institution with the strongest agents presence in the country. However, Child Actor LA’s placement program is not a guaranty of representation, nor is it a guaranty of employment.

Also, the most important aspect of the agents’ presence at the Institute, is that they come in to conduct weekend workshops. They coach the children, emulating the auditioning process. Such auditioning process is specific and it allows our Shakespearean, trained children to use those skills for on camera auditions. The agents are able to reconcile the classical training, which is done with fun and in a recreational way, while giving the children amazing acting skills, with the on hand experience as per the auditions. The auditioning skills, which is what the agents allow for our graduates to obtain, are literally what solidifies the roof over the performance house.


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